About the Index

Dynamic development of railway transit container transportations across the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are marked by quick growth of its members’ number, namely consignors, consignees, transport and forwarding companies, who need constant access to recent information about the market.

Long-term stable market growth is impossible without increase of its transparence and publicity level.

Today, consignors have access to up-to-date indicators of the delivery cost for containers by sea, hence the decision to put together the Eurasian Rail Alliance Index (ERAI).

The ERAI will keep consignors updated on the current rail transit rates.

According to the conceptual design, the ERAI is a composite index of the cost of transit container shipments in the Eurasian rail corridor across the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union between China and the EU.

As a follow-up to the index, a decision was made to introduce sub-indexes reflecting the cost of container shipments from West to East (ERAI U East) and from East to West (ERAI U West).

The index value depends on an array of factors:

  • The rates charged by Russian Railways, Kazakhstan Railways and Belorussian Railways
  • The cost of using fitting platforms
  • The cost of terminal services
  • Speed and time in transit
  • The infrastructure load status, and others.
3 289,00USD
36,00 USD
7,31 days
+0,31 days
Calculation for FEU
Last change07.15.2024
1 year
2 years
3 years
Maximum price
Maximum price:
3 295,00 USD
Minimum price
Minimum price:
2 915,00 USD
Maximum price
Maximum price:
3 295,00 USD
Minimum price
Minimum price:
2 902,00 USD
Maximum price
Maximum price:
3 295,00 USD
Minimum price
Minimum price:
2 691,00 USD
2 600,00 USD
1,00 USD
3 372,00 USD
0,00 USD
WCI Drewry
5 085,00 USD
1 377,00 USD
Freight Turnover
36 954,00 TEU
3 060,00 TEU
Change by 06.2023:
19 440,00 TEU
Main parameters of the index
Index measurement unit
Dostyk/Altynkol – Brest/Bruzhi/Svislach/Kaliningrad
Average transit time
  • 2019 – 5,61 days
  • target for 2024 – 3,5 days
Average speed
  • 2019 – 1 008 km/day,
  • target for 2024 – 1 300 km/day
Update period
Update procedure
Analytics publication in English, Russian and Chinese
A unified indicator of the industry’s condition for all of its participants
Indicator used when defining the contract price for transport and logistics services
Stock exchange instrument for signing forward contracts
Analytics instrument used for making decisions on freight delivery methods

With these new features launched, consignors tracking the ERAI values on a regular basis will be well-equipped and fit to make informed shipping decisions as well as to calculate the delivery cost for container shipments between Asia and Europe.

Eurasian Rail Alliance Index reflects the indicative weighted average cost of 1 FEU transportation along all routes of PR China - EU Border transport corridor. The cost of container transporting is diversified depending on both the geography and the direction of the route (Asia-Europe/ Europe-Asia).