Strategic Partnership between Russia and China in the European Crisis


The recent months have refuted expectations that relations between Moscow and Beijing were «fragile» and demonstrated a common strategic vision and willingness to support one another in addressing complex foreign policy challenges.

The diplomatic activities of Moscow and Beijing, as well as their actions in the wider global arena, have shown that the Russian-Chinese relations are more than allied in nature — they are based on a similar deep vision of major international issues and necessary changes in international politics and the global economy. Over the past six months, there has not been a single example of disagreement between Russia and China on issues that each side really considers essential.

Seeing this, most observers say that Russian-Chinese relations have reached a high level of development, perhaps the highest in the history of cooperation between these countries. It is worth stressing that the main reason for such close cooperation between Moscow and Beijing is not the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which has only spurred some processes, but the natural state of the long-term strategic partnership.

The parties’ official position is that the Russian-Chinese tandem is one of the most important factors for ensuring stability in international affairs, and that the interests of two countries are synonymous in a number of strategically important sectors.

The stabilizing role of Chinese-Russian relations is also important for such international associations of a new type as SCO and BRICS. In both cases, maintaining a mutual understanding between Moscow and Beijing is crucial — the other member states see that even in the face of unprecedented economic and in fact military-political pressure from the West and USA on Russia, these institutions remain in working order and ensure that the different interests of their constituent states are pursued. Thus, Russia and China are already laying the foundations for a future international order without the hegemony of a narrow group of countries.

The economic war unleashed by the West seems to be only gaining momentum. It is all the more valuable that relations between China and Russia have been strengthened, having successfully passed the first level of the struggle for a more just international order, which was initiated by the historic meeting of their leaders on 4 February 2022.

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