Rail Freight Market Overview 2023


Transit time and possible transport corridors on the China — Europe — China route

Westbound Fast Rail Terminal to Terminal transit times is 13-14 days to Poland, 18-20 days to Germany enable 20-26 days Door to Door Transit times China to Europe. There is Xi‘an speed train with 13 days of transit time to Duisburg; new Yiwu speed train with 14 days of transit time to Duisburg. Container equipment in China and Europe is available. Trains operate smooth and secure in transit from Chinese border via Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus to Poland border within 6-8 days

Eastbound There are Express trains Duisburg-Xi’an with 12 days transit time; New Express train Duisburg-Yiwu with 15 days transit time; New Express train Duisburg-Shanghai with 16 days transit time. Rail Terminal to Terminal transit time is 18 days from Germany, 14-16 days from Poland to China fast and reliable. Export documentation strictly controlled for sanctions in Malaszewicze at the EU exit border. Quick booking to Train departure time is available: train departure within 7-12 days from booking date, pickup within 1-2 days after booking date. There are also rail/short-sea feeder connections from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, UK with European departure hubs.

Major Rail & Multimodal corridors

DHL Global Forwarding offers 4 main Rail and Multimodal routings.

1) The duration of the Western Corridor is 20-26 days. The route passes through China — Kazakhstan — Russia — Belarus — Poland.

2) The duration of the Northern Corridor is 20-26 days. The route passes through China — Russia — Belarus — Poland

3) The duration of the Middle (Trans-Caspian) corridor is 50-60 days. The route passes through China — Kazakhstan — the Caspian Sea — Azerbaijan — Georgia — Turkey.

4) The duration of the Southern Corridor is 28-35 days. The route passes from China to Europe via the Suez Canal. Moreover, the Southern Corridor has reliable and punctual schedule with two departures a month. There are no sudden blank sailings, unexpected port calls, nor on sea route trans-shipments. Terminal-terminal transit time Shenzhen — Rotterdam 29 days/ Rotterdam — Shenzhen 37 days, Ningbo — Rotterdam 32 days/ Rotterdam — Ningbo 33 days, Qingdao — Rotterdam 37 days/ Rotterdam — Qingdao 29 days.

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