SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern gate"
Entry into service
November 2016
Area of the territory
45,9 km2

Functional zoning

- Dry port
- Logistics zone
- Industrial zone

Priority activities

- Logistics
- Production
And 7 more priority activities


- Completed infrastructure
- Simplified customs procedures
- “One-contact” principle
- Tax and customs privileges
- Dry port multifunctionality
- Advantageous location and multimodality


“Western Europe – Western China” Highway
Railway branch: 3 narrow-gauge tracks;
3 broad-gauge tracks
Airport etc.


423602, Panfilovsky district, Nurkent settlement, Special Economic Zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gates”, Kazakhstan
Tel.: + 7 7172 47 56 96


Dry port:
- two warehouses 5,000 m 2 each
- terminal for oversize cargo
- Sanitary and veterinary control lines
- Two freezing chambers with an area of 700 m2
- Access railway tracks with a length of 25 km (3 narrow and 3 broad gauge)

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