Explore China-Europe freight trains in 60 seconds


As of September 2021, the China-Europe freight trains have reached more than 170 cities in 23 European countries, according to data from China’s National Development and Reform Commission. With over 70 routes, the freight-train service is available for the economic and social development in countries and regions along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Exporters urged to adjust to global demands
Though China saw its exports recover in April, driven by the surging shipment of electromechanical, textile and plastic products, trade experts urged the country’s export-oriented companies to analyze global market demand as early as possible during the post-pandemic period to stay competitive.
European Rail Associations Call for European Year of Rail Extension

CER, EIM, and Unife want to extend the initiative until the end of 2022 due to disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.