New train on the rails to bring e-commerce from China to Poland


A new postal rail freight service has been launched on 16 September, bringing parcels from Xi’an, the capital of the Shaanxi province, to Malaszewice in Poland. The service is provided by Xi’an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation and is dedicated to the growing e-commerce business.

Transit time is expected to be twelve days and the trains will be loaded with e-commerce goods and international letters. Once the train reaches Poland, the goods will be distributed throughout Europe by Polish Post, the state postal administration of Poland which also provides logistics services.

Xi’an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation

The Xi’an Free Trade Port Construction and Operation was established in 2018 as a land international and domestic freight forwarding agency. It takes care of handling, unloading, loading, and warehousing services. In addition, the company owns rolling stock that is leased to other rail freight companies and it provides its maintenance.

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