Transport logistics

Transport logistics is a systematic approach to organizing the movement of material assets from one point to another by an optimal route and in order to minimize costs. The concept of transport logistics is closely related to customs logistics, stock logistics, warehouse logistics and information logistics.

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Results of the Belt and Road Initiative Summit for Transport Connectivity in Eurasia
The 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that was held on October 17-18 in Beijing can significantly influence transportation and transit in Eurasia.
Turn to the East: China's cargo flow to Russia in 2023 and challenges to the transport system

The regulatory crisis in global trade and the era of trade wars and the Western sanctions against China and Russia that have unfolded in recent years have hastened already-rapid growth in bilateral trade between the states.

Monster trucks and lots of rail: The wish list for the EU’s Greening Transport Package

The EU wants to slash emissions from transport by 90 percent by 2050 by getting cargo off of CO2-emitting trucks and on to much cleaner railways and barges.

The World May Become Interconnected

The main problem of the world economy is the need for interconnection, based on both cooperation and friendship, in terms of economic development. The only way that economic development proceeds effectively is with the essential development of modern infrastructure. 

New transport corridors

After the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the logistics market in Russia was subjected to a significant shake-up, as a result of which logisticians have to fight to create new routes, and the government has to create a special staff to revise the transport corridors. New schemes are unstable and require huge investments, but today Russia has no choice.