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The East-West international transport corridor passing through the Euro-Asian continent includes competitive routes for delivering goods by rail between the largest trading regions — Europe and Asia. The advantages of this transport corridor are stimulation of trade in the EU and Asia, as well as speed, reliability and availability of freight.
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China’s rail shipments to Europe set records as demand surges for Chinese goods amid coronavirus

Once regarded as merely ornamental, freight service along Belt and Road trade routes has become increasingly important as exporters turn to railway transport

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COVID-2019 and the Future of the Belt and Road Initiative
The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to uncertainty and loss of confidence unseen since 2008. The market volatility has also risen extremely fast to a level unseen over the last decade. Even against this unfavorable environment, there are sectors that have taken a disproportionate hit, including tourism, passenger transportation, airlines, hotels — practically everything that has a built-in key cross-border dimension.
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