Message from Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC ERA regarding the launch of renewed and updated ERAI web-portal.

The Eurasian Rail Alliance Index (ERAI) was introduced for the first time exactly a year ago, at PRO//Dvizhenie.1520 Transport Logistics Forum in Sochi. It is a unique instrument that allows any market player to decide on the delivery mode by assessing the cost of transportation via the longest leg of the Trans-Eurasian Route.

Ever since the ERAI index of transit railway transportation was introduced, it has enjoyed high demand and has had considerable influence on popularizing transit container transportation across Eurasia.

As the index developed, it became clear that the container transportation companies are also much interested in the index’s calculation method and not just the indicative quotes.

The first analytical online platform dedicated to container transit, which was developed on the basis of ERAI, fully corresponds to the market demands. With the Eurasian Rail Alliance Index media resource, users are now capable of analyzing the development of transit transportation in terms of cargo classification, time needed to transport cargoes, and the throughput capacity of infrastructure via the 1520 space, etc.

Here everyone would be able to find just the information one might need. In particular, it provides the statistics of cargo transportation on the 1520 wide stretch. The section shows how transit transportation is done, and large volumes of statistical data provide a representative sample of transportation projects from Europe to China and back.

The portal will be of definite interest not only to permanent participants of the transportation process but to all those who do business in Eurasia, and those who simply need to move the product from point A to point B.

A number of unique functions presented at the portal allow to increase considerably the possibilities of the index, and that trend correlates nicely with the demands of the market. The Eurasian Rail Alliance Index as the unified information resource is a new tool that enables businesses to receive fast and accurate forecasts regarding all aspects of transporting cargoes on the 1520 wide stretch.

Alexey Grom, CEO of JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company — Eurasian Rail Alliance» (UTLC ERA).

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