UTLC-ERA: almost 20 mail trains so far


Mail sent from China to Europe has become a new source of traffic growth for UTLC ERA. In April 2020, the first few full-length mail container trains set off on their scheduled runs between China and Europe.

Since then, 16 mail trains in total have passed through UTLC ERA’s services carrying 1,704 teu of mail. And another three trains are in transit at the moment, carrying mail from China to France, Lithuania and Spain, UTLC said.

The main cities where the mail container trains are formed in China are Chongqìng, Yiwu, Zhengzhou and Dongguan. On their way from China the trains pass through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The average transit time over the 1,520 mm infrastructure from the Chinese border to the EU border is 4.9 days.

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