More South Baltic Transport Loops


In Copenhagen, the players of the transnational project «South Baltic Transport Loops» (SBTL), supported by the European Union and initially developed by Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), decided on a number of new sea connections. The main partners in the project are the ports of Elblag, Karlshamn, Mukran and Roenne, and the Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre. A total of three new connections in cargo transport have been established so far: to build the «Baltic Sea bridge» for container transport between Europe and China, a regular connection was set up to run several times a week between the port of Mukran (Sassnitz) on the island of Rügen and Baltysk. The creation of a new connection between Mukran and Karlshamn in February 2021 also provided the southern Swedish port with access to the New Silk Road. New ferry connections have also been established, such as the service that links Ystad in southern Sweden with Mukran.

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