Rail Freight Market Overview. January 2024


Transit time and possible transport corridors on the China — Europe — China route.


Space is tight due to Red Sea crisis. Shipping container equipment is available in China and in Europe. Fast Rail Terminal to Terminal transit times is 13-14 days to Poland, 18-20 days to Germany enable 20-26 days Door to Door Transit times China to Europe. There is Xi‘an speed train with 13 days of transit time to Duisburg; new Yiwu speed train with 14 days of transit time to Duisburg. Container equipment in China and Europe is available. Trains operate smooth and secure in transit from Chinese border via Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus to Poland border within 6-8 days


In general, there is space tight due to reduced number of Eastbound trains. Various express trains continue to operate with lead times of 12-15 days from Germany to China. Quick booking to Train departure time is available: train departure within 7-12 days from booking date, pickup within 1-2 days after booking date. There are also rail/short-sea feeder connections from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, UK with European departure hubs.

DHL Multimodal OceanExpress: Red Sea situation

There are available solutions for additional Ocean Express capacity. Vessels are currently routed via Africa, and routing decision will be taken individually for each journey. Transit time extended by average 10 days around Cape of Good Hope. When Westbound routing is altered, first port of call will be Barcelona, next Koper.

Major Rail & Multimodal corridors

DHL Global Forwarding offers 4 main Rail and Multimodal routings.

1) The duration of the Western Corridor is 20-26 days. The route passes through China — Kazakhstan — Russia — Belarus — Poland.

2) The duration of the Northern Corridor is 20-26 days. The route passes through China — Russia — Belarus — Poland

3) The duration of the Middle (Trans-Caspian) corridor is 50-60 days. The route passes through China — Kazakhstan — the Caspian Sea — Azerbaijan — Georgia — Turkey.

4) The duration of the Southern Corridor is 28-35 days. The route passes from China to Europe via the Suez Canal. Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, the route runs around Cape of Good Hope and increases by 10 days.

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