Silk Road prices through Kazakhstan increase after relative stability


The new Silk road services transiting through Kazakhstan are about to experience a substantial price increase. KTZ — Freight Transportation, the country’s national freight carrier, will raise the costs for cargo transport and empty wagons in domestic, import, export and transit traffic by 14,67 per cent.

Kaztemirtrans, the country’s largest freight wagon fleet operator transporting bulk cargo like ore, coal, grain, flour, mineral fertilisers and cement, confirmed the higher pricing, saying that it would also raise its operational costs due to the increased freight rates.

No clear reason

Silk Road rates did not concern the industry for quite some time since they had been relatively stable. KTZ — Freight Transportation did not explain why it decided to charge more for its freight rates. However, the change could result from the broader pricing crisis in various sectors like energy, construction and food.

In any case, the new pricing model is already implemented since mid-October. The impact on the Silk Road as a whole will not be negligible since the bulk of Eurasian traffic passes through Kazakhstan. Consequently, since the country has raised its freight tariffs, the costs of multiple Silk Road rail services will also go up.

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